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Reason for beginning Chiropractic care


Length of time effected by this condition and frequency of symptoms-

Since 1997

Past treatments for this condition-

Chiropractic treatments – electric stimulation

How has chiropractic helped this conditions

Chiropractic care keeps me mobile-due to a severe fall – in 1997. I sought chiropractic care. It has help me tremendously. I continue to have adjustments weekly.

Since beginning Chiropractic care, have there been other areas of your health that have improved or where you have notice a positive difference?

I now have deg. Joint disease which of course, there's no cure. The chiropractic care manages my pain with Dr. Tiso's subtle adjustment.

That would you tell others about Chiropractic care?

Try it – you will be amazed at the improvement. Surgery is a Last Resort for anyone.

Mrs. Jarvis

"I feel very fortunate to have found such a patient,thorough Dr. that is easy to communicate with. I Was starting to think they didn't exist! I have pain in multiple sites throughout my body. Dr.'s said I would have to learn to live with the pain & that I'd never get any better. FALSE!! My Chiropractic care has been life changing! Thank you personally Dr. Tiso, I had a Chiropractor previously in another state for months... that didn't cover half the treatment I received in my first visit.. affordable & worth the money!"


"Dr. Tiso has done a marvelous job of relieving my lower back /stiffness discomfort. He explains all procedures prior to implementation. I am very pleased with the care provided and look forward to continuing treatment."


"When I went to see Dr. Tiso I couldn't stand fully erect. It was painful and awkward and it slowed my mobility. Without any prompting Dr. Tiso was able to pinpoint where I was having the muscle/skeletal issue and then make the adjustment. IMMEDIATELY, I was able to stand fully erect and the pain was gone. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Tiso to anyone coping with any kind of pain."


"Dr Tiso is nothing short of amazing. I have suffered chronic back pain since having my first son 8 years ago and was always scared to go see a chiropractor. He was great at explaining exactly what he was doing and was able to pinpoint where the pain was without me having to tell him. I left there with no back pain and haven't had any since....thanks Dr. Tiso!!"


"I have decide to see Chiropractic because of severe pain in my lower back,hip,neck & headache, for couple months seing the Chiropractic my body has improve and I am very thankful."


"The pain in my neck is now almost non-existing. Whenever I would look up or down for any length of time, I would get the worst headaches.I suffer with RA, since starting Chiropractic care my joints are so much better. As long as I stay on my scheduled appointments, I feel great."


"Mike took control of my back. It allowed me to go back to work and be human! I refer him almost every day. You cannot go wrong!"


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